Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is the process of combining hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity, a virtual network. Network virtualization involves platform virtualization, often combined with resource virtualization.

With network virtualization you can manage your network devices through a single management console. You don’t need physical access to switches, varied skills sets to manage multiple switches and routers, and you can cut down the cost to purchase core switches and routers.

With highly programmable networks and an overlay approach, you can provision networks for your workloads in a matter of seconds. It helps you to deploy your applications in a much quicker time and reduces time to market for your applications thereby increasing your business revenue.

  • Easy to implement and manage.
  • Reduce Time to provision.
  • Avoid Limitations of Network Topologies .
  • Fully automated.

We help you setup virtual network in your organization which is completely compatible with your infrastructure.

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