Balance Sheet Processing

Problem Statement

Bank generates is daily P&Ls reports and Balance Sheet, consisting of 18 individual reports. These reports are a reformatted presentation of GL data. Every day the Product team imported a number of populated GL batch reports and web intelligence reports into a Database or Excel files. The data is then manipulated and reformatted into specific P&L reports. These reports are then reviewed before uploading them into the head office’s web application. This is a key process for the Bank’s Business decision at a head office level.


The process triggers a robot every day in the morning, to automatically populate the report data and run respective macros as part of the validation and data transformation process. These reports will be automatically emailed to the concerned team, allowing them to be reviewed before being uploaded into the head office web application. This task was done without any manual intervention required so that product team can focus on other critical activities.

  • Saved Up to 40% time of the Product Teams.
  • Reduced Inaccuracies by 100%
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