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Costacloud being a preferred Documentum Partner provides you the solution to extend the power of enterprise content management to your mobile devices with secure, mobile access to enterprise information, enabling you to act on information faster than ever before.


Between meetings.At home. Or in an airport, hotel lobby, parking lot, or café. You’re preferred office is wherever you happen to be. And with MobileDocumentum, you’ll always have access to the enterprise information you need, when you need it. The app’s simple interface gives you unfettered access to Documentum content, so you can be more productive no matter where you are. When you’re not tethered to a desktop, you can promptly address time-sensitive tasks that would otherwise pile up. And automatically extends information governance policies to all your mobile content. Any place you go, the enterprise- strengthen the security for which Mobile Documentum is known .


Documentum Mobile simplifies the way you work. It will make you more responsive, more productive, and more connected to the enterprise

1) FIND IT FASTER Intelligent filtering accelerates searching with ‘Favorite’ and ‘Recently Viewed’ folders. Search results come back as thumbnails, which simplifies finding the right information.

2) ACT ON INFORMATION WHILE ON THE GO A mobile inbox provides review or approvals for critical workflow tasks and signoffs that can be digitally signed, helping you act on information wherever you are. And when you’re dealing directly with a customer that means greater customer satisfaction.

3) SHARE AND COLLABORATE Just because you’re not where your team is doesn’t mean you can’t share ideas and participate in collaborative discussions. Import content from your mobile applications and enter metadata, including custom properties. Plus, MobileDocumentum integrates directly with your email so you’re never out of the loop.

4) ACCESS CONTENT ANYTIME Access to your content is now available with a native experience on the most popular mobile devices—iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. MobileDocumentum supports all media types including rich media, and you can even view content protected by Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM). When you know you’re going to be offline, download content for later use and offline access.

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