Application High Availability

Minimize Downtime from Application Failure

App HA is a feature that complements the functionality of High Availability with application-level monitoring and automated remediation.

App HA improves application uptime through: Policy-based application monitoring and remediation Integration with HA to provide multiple recovery options, e.g. restart the application service or restart the virtual machine Reduce Complexity and Cost App HA eliminates the need for application-specific clustering solutions, therefore reducing the complexity involved in managing infrastructure silos, as well as cost associated with the solutions. App HA provides: Uniform protection and support for many commonly used, off-the-shelf applications Simple, centralized management through app

  • Automated.
  • Your critical apps will literally never run out of gas.
  • Easy integration with HA.
  • Balances load as well.

We at CostaCloud understand you business model and suggest the optimum mix of DR strategies to keep your business up and running always.

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