Software Defined Data Network (SDDN)

Software defined Networking (SDN) is a new approach to designing, building and managing networks. The basic concept is that SDN separates the network’s control (brains) and forwarding (muscle) planes to make it easier to optimize each.

In this environment, a Controller acts as the “brains,” providing an abstract, centralized view of the overall network. Through the Controller, network administrators can quickly and easily make and push out decisions on how the underlying systems (switches, routers) of the forwarding plane will handle the traffic. The most common protocol used in SDN networks to facilitate the communication between the Controller (called the Southbound API) and the switches is currently OpenFlow.

  • Reduces Cap-ex.
  • Reduces Op-ex.
  • Delivers Agility and flexibility.
  • Drives Innovation

We at Costa Cloud help you implement SDDN in your organization making all its benifits available to you.

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