Documentum xCP

Documentum xCP pertains to a development platform for easier build and deployment of smart applications to support information-intensive processes and decision making.xCP ensures quick implementation of Forms Builder, Taskspace, Process Builder and Business Activity Manager using simplified installation script. xCP is an essential part of Documentum and compliments the other portfolio elements of Documentum to deliver unique solutions to customers.

The technology also accomodates support for big data, cloud intelligence and Cloud-ready Architecture. It pretends to be enhanced BPM environment and possesses design-time capabilities tuned to deliver optimized user experience.

Documentum xCP is attributed by following features

Composition without Code xCP developer community environment allows to use XCelerators for sample solutions, libraries and utilities for designing and deploying business processes

Dynamic Case Management Allows creation of advanced case management solutions to integrate people, business, processes and information

Integration with Analytics Along with reporting capabilities, xCP embeds visual charts and dashboards with xCP solution. This enables to detect patterns of information, search within solution to gain better insights

Streamlining key Business Processes xCP ensures regulatory compliance against all content, correspondence, and interaction with full visibility into customer activity


The technology to provide compelling opportunity for future-proofing tomorrow's IT investments is what we provide you as services using BPM xCP.

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