IBM BPM attempts to oversee the business processes, having robust tools and techniques to gain full visibility and insight of the business requirement for their standardization and automation. BPM ensure to maintain the process management activities - designing, modelling, creation, simulation, monitoring, and optimization. The containers of BPM suite includes

- Process Engine
- Content Management
- Business Analytics
- Collaboration tools

The flexibility of coach views and toolkits allows to use the core set of controls with configurations to meet organizations requirements with extension of reusability.IBM BPM is thus a platform to prototype solutions that automates and augments critical business processes, decisions and content.

IBM BPM facilitates

Simplified Business Process modeling

Easier enterprise integration

Support to real time and simultaneous collaboration

Updated Process Repository

Availability of Social Intelligent Dashboards

Enhanced decision making


We at Costa use IBM's BPM to lay the foundation of critical front-office and back-office business functions by having business process automation orchestrated.

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