Documentum D2

Documentum D2 is a web-based application to manage the content and its connected underlying processes. It serves as document repository and collaboration tool. D2 allows you to create/import/edit/modify/export/delete content, allows to perform searches within various repositories and also provides users the capability to personalize space interface using workspaces and widgets.

Components of Documentum D2

  • D2 Configuration utilized by administrators to monitor and handle the configuration settings in content-handling processes and background settings for D2 client
  • D2 Client provides ability to connect with content in one or more repositories to the users

Documentum D2 provides following benefits

Improved virtual document capabilities
Enhanced Content viewing
Control and organization of a Spreadsheet
Efficient Search techniques
Rich Configuration Documentation
Improved usuability
BPM Interoperability


Costa helps to ease your workflow environment with high-end repositories and collaboration tools provided by Documentum D2.

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