Internet of Things

IoT is what connecting the digital world with virtual - connecting the real world to imaginary world.

The amendment of IoT proves to be a transformational force to help organizations improve performance; with cumulative use of IoT Analytics along with IoT Security. The technology has embraced almost every aspect of human lives or businesses-be it transportation, manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture etc. Smart devices commenced after endowment of IoT lies at the heart of technology and act as remote control for functions like pluggable cloud services, real-time monitoring, configurable alerts and lots more like this.

Industrial IoT reap financial rewards to the organizations by managing and maintaining the data about the product and internal systems and thus the ability to manipulate the changes. This form of utilities of IoT will dominate by smart grids for electricity and water etc., connected buildings, smart vehicles.

IoT is featured in various aspects

IoT and big data analytics Vast amount of real-time data from sensors proves to be significant driver of big data analaytics projects to analyse the data sets

IoT and Cloud For the plethora of data generated by IoT applications, companies will choose to perform their data processing on cloud instead of utilitzing huge amounts of in-house capacity

IoT Data and AI Data pulled from numerous IoT sensors acts as input to deep neural networks to make predictions using artificial intelligence and machine learning


IoT is predicted to revolutionise the way - we live our lives, companies tend to work and environment respond to us and CostaCloud can help you dive-in to IoT world with numerous possibilities.

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