RASA AI is an open sourced AI toolkit to simplify the machine learning process to build an in-house conversational AI. The high end APIs helps custom build language parser using existing NLP and ML libraries.RASA Core accepts the challenge of building the machine learned dialog framework that is so instant to be ready for production and extensible enough to research and experimentation.

Operational components of RASA

RASA Core mentors the conversational flow

RASA NLU supports intent extractor and entity training

Facilities RASA AI provides

Metrics and Reporting : Estimating the performances or analyzing the market for reporting is what handled via RASA as one of the use case.

Auto-Curation : RASA promises of curating the best content utilizing the AI capabilities.

API : Facilitation of using open API to custom build the one or use integrated APIs tied with leading technology providers.

Personalized Email : RASA's AI brain learns from user behavior, their interest, social influence to adjust the email content on regular basis.

Artificial Intelligence : Each entity is counted for individual training uniquely via AI capabilities of the technology.


CostaCloud utilizes RASA Core along with RASA NLU to kick up the context for chatbots with more power and intelligency to your organisation.

Recent Works