Microsoft LUIS

LUIS defines a domain model to use machine learning for supporting conversations with users.

Language Understanding Intelligent Service is a Microsoft offering under Azure Congnitive Services to augment the experience of intelligent conversational applications or even the bots with the users. LUIS is thus functional as web service with HTTP endpoints to mark reference from client application to the natural language understanding.It can be trained with multiple intents to perceive the meaning of user utterances deduced using NLU.

Microsoft LUIS offers various benefits when used as a service

Language Support : The services are highly accessible with support of 12 languages. This way, it can scale well with enterprise quality and performance.

Customizations : Pre-built apps and entities dictionary followed by Calender, Music and devices are all under the customizable solutions to help model correctly identify the valuable information from conversation.

NLP to apps : Highly sophisticated bots made in Azure Bot Service can be added with language understanding that filters valuable, high quality information from conversation.

REST APIs support : LUIS API is REST based and third party applications can be integrated using these APIs, exchanging data using JSON and using API keys for authentication.

Association with Azure Bot Service : The alliance of LUIS with Azure Bot Service unveils the next generation chatbots with abilities to hear, speak, understand and interpret needs.


LUIS integrated with Azure have bought the AI to the another level. We are determined to help you with the services provided by this technology.

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