IBM Watson

Technology that launched us to the age of functional ML, AI and NLP - IBM's Watson

The world of Cognitive Services counting natural language processing,machine learning,artificial intellingence, automated reasoning, information retrieval and lots more is now powered by IBM's Watson.The technology platform enfolds serving to diversified fields of healthcare, analytics, marketing, sports and customer service. IBM, under the hood of Watson, is helping to solve the AI's black box contentions and making the businesses to rely on the outcomes of technology. The platform has paved the way to inherit and confine the conversational AI strategies by working with the tools we already use and helps protecting insights.

The dynamism of IBM Watson is manifolded with feature like

Knowledge Base : Watson was built having millions of documents from encyclopedia, thesauri, dictionaries, news articles, literary works, taxonomies, social media post and various other source materials and references.

Computing Performance : IBM's Watson is roughly a third as fast as cutoff line foro world's top 500 supercomputers. This equalizes to about 80 TeraFLOPs.

Processing Speed : The technological platform holds the capability to process 500 GB/sec data at a go which is somehow equivalent to one million seconds.

Unstructured Data : Watson Analytics is dynamically capable of importing text based unstructured data and can start manipulations within minutes in the form of visualisations and predictions.


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