Amazon Lex

With Amazon Lex,we have the conversational engine that powers the Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant.

Amazon's Lex is one from Amazon's Artificial Intelligence Suite to help embed conversational interfaces into high end businesses. It uses automatic speech recognition to convert speech to text, deep learning algorithms to artificially personify the chatbots, natural language processing to deduce intents or instructions and AWS Lambda for intent fulfillment. Creating bot using Lex can then be deployed on chat services, mobile devices and different IoT Services.

The pre-built integration of Lex with AWS Lambda allows to integrate various other services on AWS platform - Amazon Cognito, AWS Mobile Hub, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Lex possesses following features

Lex's text and speech language understanding is having similar potential as existing in Alexa.

Easy deployment to chat services with support to other AWS products

Support to aliasing and versioning

Scales automatically while designing for builders.Ensures efficiency by providing intuitive tools for building conversations.


Deep Learning technologies is what Amazon Lex powered with for conversational interfaces and CostaCloud manages to make you well utilize the technology in your solutions.

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